Today, I am listening a song from my friend from France. The song I ever got long time a go. Maybe 5 years ago, my friend was a singer in a club. France language always unique and I love to hear that. Sound something different in my ears. Music is something you can find the “soul” into the lyric and instrument.

Honestly, I love to hear slow music and not the disco style. Because I can’t enjoy it. Although sometimes, I also enjoy to hang out to the club when I am going to holiday in some place, for example Bali and Yogyakarta. When I stay in Jakarta, I never go to the club. The first, i don’t have time to hang out to the club. The second, I don’t have friend who love to go to the club lol.

Let’s back to the topic, music can make your soul get better and fly. No need drug to get your soul out from the “body”. Because good music can make you “fly a way” and you can forget the problems. Feel little peace in your soul, relax then you can think about positive thinking before take big decision. Don’t believe me? Try to yourself and say to me. “I am right”

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