Making own story is fun, I did make some short stories for kids but still less story to sent to the publisher. Just less around 5 stories, already has ideas in the bank idea. I just need to write it down to the “paper” (I mean type to my cute yellow notebook). Almost 3 days I am trying to writing fairy tale stories. I know event it is not all my ideas but I use it to my own style, so here I am making it more 3 days.

I am so happy when it finish, because one of publisher has announcement about the draft book they need it. Some topics they are searching for the deadline first week in April. I just interest in point 5. Fiary tale stories about prince and princess in the world. So, the first I read that then I finally find the stories first. That is so damn difficult to get the stories. When I get it, it so difficult to make it short. Because the publisher just want one story around 1 page or 1.5 pages. That is really difficult. I hate that hahaha, make it short is so crazy, less just 2,5 pages, make it short get 2 pages make it short agin then get 1,5 pages. That is so damn happy when finish one story to one another story.

Finally 42 stories I get and I am so happy and happier then I get make it short. Hahahaha. Okey, what is the point about this note, I guess you are wonder right? The point when I read all the fairy tale stories about the prince and princess around the world. Some stories in some countries almost similar, maybe because they are neighbor hehehehe. The most story when I was translate it, I fall in love with some stories and it was making me think to. For the example about the princess from the strong kingdom, she is very pretty with the gold crown around her head. She likes to thinking but never know what she is thinking about because no idea in her head. Finally she asked her master to help her thinking till hour by hour pass but no idea either. Then all the kingdom must think to help princess, (about this story I cut this point because to long if make it in the story I wrote for the draft collect story princes and princess around the world). Suddenly one helper chef who don’t think. She is sing a song in the kitchen and her voice disturb the king while the king is thinking. Finally the king called her, king ask her why she is not thinking. The answer the helper I love it!

She answer like this, I am so busy to cooking in the kitchen since I work alone because every body is thinking! I also don’t have much time to talk like this because I must rush to the kitchen, the milk will boil in a few minutes more. I don’t need to think about tomorrow if I should to do right now. When hearing this one, the princess asking something, (Sorry, I forget the question about that because in 3,5 days I read 60 stories in English and make it to Indonesia then write with my little own style), Then the helper asking the princess. I always wonder, why you still leave with your father. You should marry.

The princess love the helper idea and ask her to help princess thinking, how to find the prince to come to her castle. Then, the helper said she does not have time to think without result. Better princess make wonderful party and invite many princess to come to the party. In the party again.... Ok, stop talked about the one story. The point about all the stories I read, life is never easy and every problems have solution even it so difficult to get away but the spirit for never ever give up, then we will find good way and feel happy the last.

Sometimes, we forget to step in the right direction but when we feel sorry about this one and try to make it better. That is good thumb we will get right? For example, a princess go to the castle and the Messagers said he just need to take a horse goes out without bring anything stuff. But he does not do that then he fail. Sometimes it happened in reality in our live, but no worry if we make it mess but when we honest about it was our fault and try to fix it to better way, that is good right?

I wish, everybody never stop to learning although from fairy tale stories. Because every story in country has good moral, message in story. Have a good day and keep writing and learn. Never give up as the way you are. Life is never easy but you have God to make you feel better, go pray if you don’t have power to find way. Maybe it need long time to get answer at least you feel grateful because you don’t lose your mind and keep health.

Greeting and bless for us



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