One day, a little prince walked alone, no body guard who always company him, where ever he went to many place. He went with the silent. He was walking to river. He saw a dirty boy was crying there.

“Hi,” said prince.

A dirty boy looked at him and he was continued to cry.

“What happened,” ask the prince.

“Why you are so care with me,” ask a dirty boy.

“Yes, because you look so sad and maybe I can help you,” answer prince.

“No one care with me even I am crying of fall because I am so poor,” tell a dirty boy.

“Why you said that?” prince so wonder with the reason of a dirty boy, “By the way my name is Tom and you?”

“I am Mike.”

“Nice to meet you Mike and now tell me what is making you sad. My daddy said boy should not cry.”

“I am sad because nobody care about me because I am so dirty.”

“Then go shower and you will look handsome.”

A dirty boy is laughing when he hear prince say that. “I mean people just care with the rich people not poor people like me.”

“I don’t believe you, they always spend money and time for the poor people,” said prince didn’t believe what a dirty boy said.

“Yes, because you wear wonderful dress, how if you wear un good dress. Will you say like that,” a dirty boy complaint it.

“I will prove it and if I am wrong with that, I will give you what do you want.”

“Deal.”  Then they shake hands and go. Before going, prince said we will meet in here in a week with the same time.”

“Okay,” said Mike, a dirty boy.


When walking, the prince was thinking about a dirty boy said. He didn’t believe what he heard because He known the people around city always nice people and always collect money to help poor people. And why, a dirty boy said like that, none of people who care with poor people.  He was making idea.

One day, he asks his daddy to let him go for 5 days and tell the people, he goes to another island for vacation.  His daddy gave him permission to do research.
So, here is the prince in the street with dress code like poor and dirty boy, he made on the river. He is crying on the street and the people aren’t care about him. He did it a few hours and then he change the place with the people always met and spend money to help poor people.

He is crying and none of them look at him. Every day he did the same until five days, now he realizes about what the dirty boy said is true.

Like what he made a deal with the dirty boy, he waits a dirty boy to coming in the same place and the same time. The dirty boy isn’t dirty anymore. He looks so charm and tidy.

“Hi Mike,” said prince when he was looking a dirty boy.

“Hi prince,” said Mike. The prince was shocked.

“How you know I am prince, I am not wearing the dress like prince.”

Mike is smiling, “Yes I know but I understand if you want to keep your identity. So how is the result”.

Tom looks so sad, “Yes you are right, people didn’t care if you are dirty and poor even you are crying, They didn’t stop and asking what happened. So why they want to spend money to help poor people but if in near them, they didn’t care.”

“Do you want to know the reason?”

“Yes, I really want to know.”

“People always help poor people because they want get famous on the public. But when in near them, they will not get famous because people didn’t know what already they did.”

“Ah like that! It is not good. If you want to help people, you should not people know about that. Deal is deal, what do you want from me, anything?”

“Okay, just buy me ice cream.”

“We can be friend.”

“Yes, why not prince.”

“Hey, don’t call me like that.”


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