Maybe this is just simple word to say “Tear” but that is very difficult to do. Almost every day I can feel how is my tears come out. I feel so damn sad. I know it because I can feel it and that’s why the tears show in my eyes.

Tears, I never wanna feel sad and wonder with many things in mind. But I just normal human who always afraid for something I know about that in the future. Can you imagine my life is like roller coaster. Maybe you never imagine your life like that.

Tears, always come without  I wanted it. I always keep in silent in the dark room and tears come without I can count, one, two… then it come. No, no, no. it is not like that!

Sunshine is hiding already a few days here, sound like sky is know I am feeling sad inside my heart and come out with rain in the earth. So, silly right but that is true. Because 3 days feeling sad and 3 days raining. I just can imagine  the universt can feel my sadness life inside my heart without I say a word to the people or family.

Keep silent and tears come in the silent morning time, afternoon time, and evening time.

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