The Cheaper Hostel at Bandung, Chez Bon Hostel
Hostel at Middle of Bandung City

Bandung city is famous with the heaven shopping and culinary, including tourism places start kawah putih (White Cheater), Tangkuban Perahu MT, and also hot spring. That is making the holiday in Bandung perfect.

Talking about Bandung never end, including the place you stay as long as you explore Bandung. Don’t you think, Bandung famous in International tourism but no worry even it is famous but Bandung also has cheaper hostel you can stay. One of the cheaper hostel is Chez Bon Hostel (read Se: Bong). This hostel is perfect to backpacker style. I will recommend this place because end of 2014 ago, I stay in this place and I love it.

Why you should stay in this place? Because this place is in the middle of Jalan Braga (Braga Street). Braga street is close in the Bandung Square, Asia-Afrika Building, and also has many culinary you can taste it and this place just around 15 minutes from Bandung Station Hall. This place so unique, it is shared rooms with the three type, small, medium and large. The price is start around 120.000 IDR (12 USD), including simple breakfast.

Event is like domitory but you has privacy for turn of reading light near your bed and also the place to plug in for electronic. So simple right, also has locker to keep your precious stuff there. This place also has free wifi, television in the receptionist. No worry this place also has general kitchen if you want to cook.

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