Kids story :Rainy Girl

Long time, I never write kid story again and post in this blog. So this is my first story in the 2016. Kids story with my first draw. I hope you will like it when read this story. Story about a girl, you just can see her when the raining come. Let's read it and happy reading.

My name is Natalie, I love rain because if raining I can play out side. Raining always make me feel good. I can smell the wet grass, I can see the view and I can walk anywhere I go in the rain. When the sun is hiding.  I always wear my yellow rain coat and my favorite Red umbrella. I also love to wear my red shoe. My hair is brown that is why I look pretty use that color in the rain.

Rain always make kids happy. I can still see some boys playing football. There are also girls who take shelter under the rain. they all seem cheerful, even some kids playing with puddles. I love the rain, and they were too. I can only go to the field when the rain came.

Suddenly a boy came over and offered friendship. He named Antonie and I'm Natalie. We became friends. We played the rain together. They are always waiting for me to come, when the rainy days. I was not told the reason, why I could only come when it rains.

On the next rainy day is already too late. I still come to the field. Antonie turns out there are still waiting. His face was smiling brightly. I waved my hand to him. Antonie says he wants to play at my house. I ask him to play to home.

On the way to my house, we talked and joked. Antonie very happy to laugh and we laugh all the way because the story funny. Antonie's face suddenly changed, he became scared when he saw my house. Gossip circulated that the house was haunted house.
Of course it is not true. I explain why our house was always closed. Since I'm allergic to sunlight. because of that, I can only leave the house when the rain came. Then, with a playful tone Antonie call me rain girl, the same as other friends before know me, they called me a girl of rain (rainy girl). because only appears when the rain came.

I have a disease that can not be exposed to sunlight. This illness is rare, experts call Xeroderna pigmentosum (XP) but Antonie mention vampire disease. Antonie still wanted me to be his friend, I'm happy.

Thank you for reading my first story since long time I do stop writing kids story but I wish one month I will upload story with the illustration. I wish you love it and keep back to find good new one for free reading kid story here.

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  1. My dear Citra. This is a nice beautiful story.

  2. Nice story in deed

  3. @ Gerben
    Hi my friend, Thank you for read and comment