I really can't realize, time is so faster every day and now I just realize this is already November. Welcome November and I wish in this month will be a magic month after wonderful October. Thank you October you brings me joy and hope and now I need 'magic' in my life.

I never know what will I get in this month but I believe this month will be magic every day and I also have new blog for the kids but in Indonesia language to help them (kids, red) to love reading. I love reading and I also want to give this "virus" to the children so they also will love read and not just play game on tablet but use the smart phone to read nice article and help them to be good in their imagination and good information, of course.

I love November, making me remember the title one of oversea band. November Rain, right, That is true, I wish this November will be raining but I wish without thunder, so scary and make me can't turn on my laptop. Because the Bintan Island land still "danger" inside the land. But my mum loves to stay here. But she has plan to go vacation on December to Balikpapan and leave me alone here in Bintan Island, I can't imagine hahahahaha.

Okey, just wanna say welcome November and I wish everything will be good in the future. Believe it or not, it depend on yourself. Have a nice weekend, my weekend almost over in a few hours. 

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