Never let to write something to show about I really don't understand why "a group" do act like evil. I am feel sad about the case of Paris which many people death. One of my friend in Europe said how sad the accident which happened in Paris a few days ago. I know it from the news I watched in Indonesia and I don't believe it many people death.

Pray for people who lost their family and feel blessing some people survive in the 'accident'. Lost people (family, read) is sad and some people can't description about how the feeling blue about losing the people their love with the accident they never think about it.

Dear God, I just can pray to them and send your angels to them, to make their family to keep strong when they feel said and depression. Although I never meet them and know them but every people feel sad with this case. I just hope, they can be strong and keep spirit to see the day after the bad case happened in their life.

Losing someone you love so depression and sadness. I know that after I was losing my father because his sick for long time and God take him to close with Him. I believe God will protect our family and the people. Make them not lost hope and way to home.

Losing Someone You never Expected

The accident so fast and You never realize
The Tigers around you and feel hungry
But You never think many danger are waiting you
Suddenly every part so DARK!!!!
You see many people lost the soul in short time
You can't do anything and just hope this is nightmare
But You see the blood every where and you realize it is real
You just close your eyes and hope this part will over soon
Losing someone you never expected make you feel sad
The blue season come in the bright life
Keep strong and make sure you never lost the soul
God will protect you when you ask Lord to company you
Don't lost hope because Lord never let you down.
Pray for Paris and Keep strong

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