Dear diary, this time already October. It is so fast right, I can't notice day by day always faster although my life is getting slow. Actually, this time is hard time for every body. The USA Dollar is getting high and higher, making some companies failed and get many manpower have job no more, poor people in the high economic like this time.

Some people blame the president because he can't control the economic. Actually the president is not fault because this happened in every country in the world. Although it always back on politic. I just wish the president Indonesia, Jokowidodo can handle it so fast so Indonesia money can be normal again. 

Actually, life is harder and some people can't handle it no more but I am so lucky, dear diary I have family who always help me in my hard life and I am so blessing. Although Papa is not near us anymore, death but mum never stop to help me out and pray for my happiness.

Dear diary, I wanna tell you something about my dream. This is wonderful dream I got when I wake up in my short sleep and making me smile. I am so happy with my dream after long time I never dream which make me remember and smiling.

This time I was dreaming about lover. I pick the lover in the air port and bring him to the church ceremony, as usual on that time. Then, some people talk behind us and said, Why the man want to be my lover and many so on bad words they said behind me but I didn't care as long as his ignore that words and more love me with his way to show me about his love.

Then we went to the beach and walk hand by hand in the nice weather. We walked and talked and smiling, Feeling so happy in the beach time. I didn't know why I can be so happy at all. I wish my dream can be real without the bad words from the people behind me.

Dear diary, I am so silly, when wake up I am trying to find the meaning of my dream and all the steps of my dream have a good meaning and I wish it will be real soon. I will be happiness person in the world hehehehe.

Dear diary, life is hard and having nice dream will make us feel so happy and calm down and try to survive and work harder to make dream come true. How about you my friends? Do you have dream tonight and what dream you expected to get in your night time?

Next time I will try to write about why we get dream in the night  time while we are sleeping? have a nice day and God bless us always. Thank you dream and that is good moment 

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