I don't know what happened with my heart
It's like garden in my heart now...
Full of flowers bloom in my heart
When I am talking with you in my days

Are you gardener? Because you make flowers in my heart

I feel so different when talking with you in my days
You always make my day bright and I can say it to you
You are my sun shine in my days and making flowers grow

I am so happy when I can see your smile
That is like my dessert heart become bloom
I am not teen anymore but I do act like teen
Because without you my flowers in heart die

I need you like earth need sun to remove the dark
I need you like flowers need water to make it alive
That is what I feel every day and with you I get all
I am so happy and flowers in my heart grow every day

Tanjungpinang, October 20 2015

Note: When making this poetry I am cooking rice hahaha, such un romantic woman

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