Fairy Tale : Sing a Song Frog 

Long time ago, frogs love to hang out with friends and sing with the happy life. Frogs has many songs and only one song that is can make raining. This song will make the nice weater become rain. That song is their favorite song. The frogs always sing this song together and become happy with the King of frogs.

The King of Frogs has different body then others frogs. He can stand and play guitar. Every time they together they always sing a song with the happy face. They never forget to sing their favorite song. The frogas always be happy all day, in the morning, afternoon and night. They are always singing many songs.

Apparently, the frogs don't know, a human doesn't like their song. This human is a carpenter. He always goes to forest to find woods. If raining come, he can't looking for the woods. This man always thinks how to destroy the member of forgs. Suddenly, this man has an idea how to make the frogs gone. Because this man feel bad if the group of frogs hang out and have fun, he can't work to get woods.

He got an idea how to destroy group frogs in the forest. He works together with snakes. Snakes feel so happy because the snakes are hungry snakes. Snakes can eat a lot without feel tired to find food. Then the time begin, where is they will make the plan become real, to eat all the frogs.

The frogs don't know about tactics the carpenter. They are singing songs with the happy. Suddenly, they are shock because they look many snakes creep every where and try to cath them. The frogs try to escape and some frogs can't survive. A lot of their friends death because snakes eaten them.

The safe frogs is hiding and after that accident The carpenter never hear the sing of frogs a few days. The carpenter feel so happy because He can collect the woods without getting wet in forest. The frogs feel so sad and blue, the time already pass. They come together in a place line up to huming. That is they do for the death friends and family who already leaving them forever. Time always change and faster gone, but the incident snakes find them always over and over. That is making the King Frogs suspicious with it. How the snakes know their place to hang out.

One day, the King frog know that is the way the carpenter to kill his people. Because the carpenter doesn't like their songs. The king makes command no more sing anymore. Actually frogs feel so tortured can't sing a song. But they should do that. After frogs never sing for months, the rain never come in that place.. The village becomes dry. No more clean water, the river almost dry because raining never come for few months. The human become panic, they try to make rain come. They give the good present to the godnesses. But The Rain godness feel disappointed with the way carpenter with the frogs. So The Rain godness never wants to give them rain.

One day, the river is dry, no water for the human in that village. The river stop give the water because no rain to fill the river. The people feel thirsty and hungry but they can't do anything, including the carpenter. The carpenter panic and he goes to the forest. He tries to find frogs but he never meets the group frogs. No more frog voice he can hear.

He already trys to find frogs day by day, week by week but he never finds it. He gives up. He feels so thirsty and his body become so thin. No more food, the plant can't live, dry no more water. When he feel hopeless, he heard unclear the guitar sound. He realizes that is the guitar of the King frogs. He is searching the sound, he look the king frog hum while playing guitar in front of his people. Suddenly the king stop play guitar while hear wooden sound trampled.

"I am so sorry already distrubing you, your majesty," said the carpenter when he look the group frogs leaving. Then, the carpenter bowed and regretted his actions. "I am feel guilty because every time you are singing, raining always come and it make me can't work."

The king frogs is the wise king. Then, they make deal. The frogs only hang out and sing a song in the night. King frog and his people sing a song. They are singing their favorite song to make rain. They no need to hum anymore. They can sing a song with the load voice again. They are singing and suddenly the sky become dark and the rain is coming. The carpenter never feel so happy like this while hearing the frogs song.


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