Having time to holiday. Let's making plan to make your holiday perfect and awesome. Don't hesitate your time when you have a week leave to make your life relax after tired at work and stress. Let's escape for a while from the routine life and find life you deserve to enjoy your precious life. 

Do you realize, making plan holiday is not easy and sometimes it also make you got trouble and crazy! That is why some people never get fun on making plan for holiday. Let's make it fun plan before you are going to real fun for a week.

The first look your financial first. If you have a lot of budged for holiday. so it never get problem wher
e do you want to spend your time to holiday. The problem is when your money is not enough to go to Oversea, Europe to Asia; Asia to Europe. So what you will do? Make debt for holiday? NO, DON'T EVER THING IT THE SINGLE WORDS. Making debt for holiday is mean make your life get trouble after holiday, so for what. After you already find how much money you have for the budged. Then continue to next step

#Find Location your destination
Europe always want try holiday to Asia; Indonesian people always want to holiday to Europe. It's happened to all people in the world. Because they want to see another place and explore the world to make it good to remind your travel journey. Find the destination which it is not "Rope" your wallet. I mean if you have small budged for holiday, don't think to go to expensive city. For example Indonesian people wanna go to Paris, France, it is expensive for hotel, food and transportation. If have budged and limited budged first doing research to find which destination is perfect to your limited budge.

#NOTICE the price of hotels
No need expensive hotel when you have small money for holiday. Find comfortable hotel and safe to keep your things on your home stay. So, the money for hotel you can use to other things. So NOTICE the price hotels before booking it first

#Find Promo Ticket
Many flights give promo ticket, this is very important to make you spend a little money for expensive ticket. Find promo ticket will make you safe a few dollars to use it to some wonderful time when holiday

#Choose the place which it available for public transportation
Rent car will expensive to enjoy your holiday. It make spend a lot of money just for transportation. So, choose destination which available for public transportation. So you can enjoy your holiday to some spots place without extra money to rent car and hire driver.

#Eat Local Food Store
No need to eat in the expensive restaurant if you have limit budged, eat in local food store. The price is cheap but the food also delicious. That is also make you understand about local food and I bet you will love it and try you taste food.

For tips plan your holiday just a few points and will be continue to more specifics about how to holiday in #EAST ASIA the most in Indonesia.

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