Dear diary, I want to keep active and creative although I am not talented to take pictures as professional because I don't have tools to support it. I just has a standard smartphone with I think the Mega Pixel just around 2 MP. Actually with the standard phone camera, I am trying to joint contest photos which this event present by F! INK with the themes : FI INK PESONA INDONESIA lomba foto | Wonderful Indonesia. I am trying to joint this contest with my standard tool and I don't have feeling to get the winner. Because I do look some competitions pictures, they have an amazing picture in every category. I love their pictures and I realize I am to confidence to joint this contest.

This contest has separated category for professional camera DSLR and also smartphone. So, I joint on smartphone category and I  know my competitors has more than 2 MP capacity of their smartphone. IS OK dear diary, I don't mind about it. I also don't mind if I am not the winner. I am so excited too joint this contest with the "high confidence" although I realize I never be the winner lol, I just want shared my amazing experience when I explore my country, Indonesia That is amazing and the nature, I speechless because every part I go their has different magic and make me fall in love in the silent of my tour alone.

The end of 2014 was the most important time for me. My dream become true and this pictures | Photo | Photos I joint to this contest just some place I went in the beautiful, wonderful adventure of Indonesia. This is just some pictures which already register on F1 INK as category of Smartphone. See, all are beautiful and I really excited about many cultures, good spots nature and also many different dancers in hole part of Indonesia. I am so happy when I look this group of FI INK PESONA INDONESIA. I wish this is not category "Stolen" lol. Because I just want to show to my readers in the world. Look this is just a part of Indonesia and many part still wild and virgin. I wish with this post will remind me, I am still far from adventure in hole my life and I wish I can explore every part in Indonesia and I will show the world, at least my readers, friends how lucky I am when I step my feet in the wild, virgin part of nature Indonesia. How about you.

Thank you for the committee which so cooperative with all my questions and I can be part of participant so I can see the good angle pictures of part Indonesia I never go there and it make me spirit one day and some how I can go there.... Bravo Indonesia..... Keep spirit of Indonesian people to make Indonesia clean, safe and peace although many cultures, ethnic, different language but We will strong if we are become ONE. Let's adventure and try not to make the nature become dirty like Rinjani MT which many trash when the season of hiking. Please, care of nature because it one part of our children, grandchildren in the future. If you keep it clean without any think to destroy it, I bet it will never change time by time..... Indonesia government to keep watch about illegal logging, hunter of animal... Let's make good nature to be more magic and amazing in every year pass. 

My friends, where is my 5 "best" pictures I register on this event of FI INK PESONA INDONESIA. If you are Indonesian and have collection photos about culture, nature and adventure don't be hesitate to keep it on your album make it shared win or lost doesn't matter... At least you feel great when your pictures can make people happy from different angle and style you take and also many people in this part Indonesia. Still has a few days left to join this competition. You can see on here FI INK PESONA INDONESIA LOMBA FOTO  

Do you wonder which my collection picture is "best" and far from perfect in real you can see on here and more perfect if you can leave comment and also like if you have facebook IF you want to know know the detail about my pictures contest don't be hesitate to click the last link here on citra adventure Thank you so much to support and pray for me :) I wish the same to you....

Life is so short to just keep silent
Afraid to take challenge ...
Never think bad about yourself
Let's making every life precious

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