Dear diary, Network in Bintan Island, Tanjungpinang exactly more slower every time. Making my head get headache to do anything. Plus already a few days this island already got same problem every time, always get off electric more than a few hours. SO crazy can't do anything if electric off. 

Bintan Island is the province of Riau Island but the problem is this economic so slower then other islands around the Bintan Island. I wish one day the suck of networking and electric off will never happened in this island for long time.

Dear diary, this is monday for the end of august and tomorrow will start new month and I wish the nine will be good day in our life. My sister already back to Maldives and I wish I will do the best too to get something precious to keep working here. Almost a month, I think more than a month after papa pass away I stay in Tanjungpinang and I don't find any good job I can work it.

Dear diary, in this island I don't get any project and I wish I can get new project to keep survive and for the kill the time I joint some contest and making short story to sent to some magazine and also newspaper and it still work in it. I wish will get result soon. I am so excited to keep writing and already have some draft idea for making many short story, poetry, kids story and also novel. Yea, keep writing will make me keep alive :)

Today, I do sent some proposal as freelance writer, content writer and social media network plus I am doing learning new things too. Although my head got headache and it so annoying but I still keep make new idea for learn how to keep get any idea. 

Dear diary, tomorrow mama is birthday and what will I give to her? I don't have any idea, maybe will make something delicious food to her. Oh ya, I also have any idea to make some new content to my about fashion and food or to this blog? Still making good idea to get many readers to keep reading here. I also wanna keep in Indonesia language :) Story about Anne will be make it again :)

Dear diary, I believe hard life will never end but keep spirit and believing to get good life in the future will make life will be fun. God will always keep watch all the people in the world. So no worry if your life hard this time and sound you don't have any solution to your problems. Believe it and work hard to get the way to keep alive and spirit. This time monday will be end but in some zone monday is just started. Happy monday and keep smile, do something to make you get the day always beautiful.

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