Many people can't sleep well in the night. They already tired but can't sleep. The body already tired but mind always fly everywhere. Actually, every body has problem to sleep at night, some people try to take medicine to make sleep. I also like one commercial in youtube. I still remember the words.

"This is not for flue or a cough; not for pain. You take it and you sleep's like baby," more or less the words like that, because it already long time ago. The English is nice in that commercial, that is why I like to hear that a few years ago.  Simple and nice video.

Let's talking about why you can't sleep in the night? You have problems, stress or many reason or just can't sleep without reason. I also ever feel like that. Mind never stop to thinking but eyes so heavy but still can't sleep and get headache. Now, I have solution for my self and I want to share it to my readers because I am good person, right.

1. Turn off all electronic around you
Light will make you can't sleep. Making your room so dark and it will make your eyes comfortable to close. Turn off the light from lamp, and also television. Plus your tablet or smartphone. Why because it will make you wake up when you hear the voice from that.

2. Making Bed Comfortable
Sometimes to much put stuff in bed making your sleep is not comfortable. Just put pillow and blanket to make you sleep well.

3. Drink Warm Water
Drink is good for health. An hour before sleeping time, try to drink a glass of warm water to make you sleep well.

4. Play Comfortable Music
I like to play waves or sea music if I can't sleep and the sound make me so relax and it make me think I am in beach (my favorite place), hearing the waves make me not thinking anything and then zzzzZzzz I can sleep so easy no need count something to make me feel sleepy.

Wanna try the tips which its work for me. Happy Sleep, Happy Life. Less sleep will make our mood become bad and worse. That is why so important to rest and sleep 8 hours at night everyday. Have a nice sleep my friends and readers. Then feel fresh in morning time to prepare your daily activity.

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