Dear diary, already 5th on April, time so fast and I am still stuck in Tanjungpinang, Bintan Island. I should back to Jakarta around 2 April but everything was mess. Because suddenly I got fever then Papa should go to hospital. He suddenly can't breath well, so here I am although I am fever, heavy flue I company papa already 2 days in hospital.

I need rest too but this time is my chance to care papa. Because in other time I stay in Jakarta far from my family. I have chance to care papa. Although I am not well and less sleep but I am happy, honest from the bottom of my heart.

Why I was in Bintan Island? because I attend to my sister wedding on 29 March 2015. I wish on that date someone special will company me but I was going alone there hahahahaha. But that was o.k, sometimes plan
is mess and not like what we think. I also rejected some interviews offer to me because I can't go there, the wedding plan should make me can't move fast hahahahaha.

Wanna see, I mean looked me what I was wearing on the sister wedding? Dear diary, I wish this April will be amazing for me and I hope it from the bottom of my heart because I need miracle in my life. Although someone become colder again but what should I do? I can't say sorry and feel guilty every time. April, wish this month the best for me, my family and my friends also my loyal readers.

Sorry long time never update because no good signal here, I just update this on hospital in the morning time

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