Dear diary, this is already 4 days I am in hospital, although my health is not fix. But this the time I can care papa. Honestly nurse is not my talent. I feel something annoying when look people sick, with the all the stuff with the any action you should do.

Dear diary, I less sleep and my body more sore and my brain freeze. It is like mmmm to much drink cold drink and make brain frozen. I can't think much to make some story. The network also is not so good but at least better then at home, i can't access my blog jajajajaja.

Being daughter is difficult sometimes, I should care anything what my dad need it, for example when he felt sick and threw up, wanna pee, feel tired and complain can't do anything. I am patient to massage him and say anything good words to make him spirit and not feel depression because his body already sick and the soul should not feel weak too.

I know I am not perfect because hospital always make me feel bad. I don't like and I won't be part of this place. I should care my health too. The most important I wanna say heavy day is the day when you should care someone who love and you also feel sorry because you can't do much and do the stuff things you don't like. But because you love this person, you do it with lovely heart.

Dear diary, became parents will be such difficult life too. I can't imagine when I was baby, mama should wake up many times hear I was crying. Some like this, when papa called my name, I should wake up and help him, whatever he asked me to do or just to help him to feel better.

Sick is something people rejected in alive but sometimes you can't rejected it if you can't care yourself and become sick. I know that and I feel that too when I was in my backpacker style. That was so annoying my body and my mind.

I don't know what happened with all articles I did sent to him. Should I ask about it? but this time, won't talk much so I don't have brave to ask about it. What should I do next, what kind of mess and what should I draw or anything.

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