A few days I did introduce myself and this time I want to introduce my family. Like I wrote here, I have one big sister and three teaser brother. We are normal family fighting, love, teaser, need each other, enemy, best friend, upset, any many things you will find in my  family. We don't have secret each other, mama always keep calling me all most every day, just want to hear my cute voice. My brothers also keep in touch with me including my sister. Although they are busy but communication always good between us.

Argument is one part of our life but that is making we need each other. The advice is making my day worse always contain to follow hole my life until I am freedom. But that is family always care and want the children happy. Event I do already not teen anymore, for them I am still their kids and they never stop to watching me even from far a way. hahahahaha.

Let's me Introduce my wonderful family, without them I can't be like this.

My Killer Papa but so Caring

This is my papa. He is the killer one when I was kid, I really afraid with him and we seldom meet, because he always work so far away and need long time to go home. But because the killer make me be good kid. Although the "killer" he is so caring and whatever I want, he always give it in secret without my mama know it. I love you papa, always and always.... Now, you always want to keep in touch with me because long time ago, you always work and the communication access is not easy like this time But nothing late to make the right one. You always miss and never stop to teasing me with my favorite food when I feel so hungry here in the big city hahahahaha.

My amazing Mama
This is my mama, she is so damn amazing woman and wonder woman in the real life. She always strong to grow her children "alone" when her husband work in other country. Loyal, caring, talk active, warm, good chef, best friend to teasing when I feel bored. I just pretended want to kiss her and hug her. She doesn't like someone to kiss and hug her but honestly although it became the first list, she already have 5 kids. Mmmmm thinking about what she did.

Ah talking about my parents relationship make me feel so stupid this time. Long time ago, although I already in Senior High School, when papa get home from the location (sometimes need 6 months and sometimes 2 years). He was already home, papa then gave the kids, including me money to shop any snack and go "little far from house" but I didn't understand. When I knocked my parents bed room. I just say why the door should be lock, I also want to joint with them in room. I also still miss papa. Ah know I got it the point, ups. So I am annoying daughter can't make them alone to tak tak hahahaha. Until this time when I remember that make me feel so naive and stupid kid. But at least that is good point so will not get add kids again hahahahaha.

Mama is hero for me. She always there whatever I need. She also never stop to pray for my goodness and the most the words sometimes make me feel so good but sometimes we also argument about what else in this time, I hate the topic about "marriage" but she wants me to find good man and build my own family. I love you mum, a thousands words is not enough to say it. I want to be good mama like you but more good then you hahahah because we always opposite with many idea because we different year and mind but sometimes your words is true. Wish me luck to find my happiness.

The only sister and her fiance
This woman is my sister, she is the only sister I have in this world. We are like Tom and Jerry, we never get clop if we so close but when we are far, we always miss each other. Maybe people will thing we fight because of man. But that is never happened, we fight because I am always teasing her. She is Miss Cleaning, when she already clean the bed, she won't sleep in bed but in other place. Then when I home, I sleep in bed and then she mad bla bla bla, hahahahah I miss that moment. That is just one case and many cases too, but that is pass, just look the future and present. She is wonderful sister. She is like angel always help me whatever I broke and need extra money. But  My sister will marriage on 29 March 2015 with her fiance, Adam from India. Abang Adam please make my sister happy as always. Abang is mean brother, for the older man, adik is mean little brother/sister. So I can't to do that, so just pray for my happiness and your world more happiness because my pray always for you.

Let's me introduce the second number in Pandiangan's family. Ouh that is me, actually hahaha.

I am so naughty daughter
This woman is me. I am still not lucky to get serious relationship, maybe that is consequence after I become the ice queen, to much pain so and so make me become the ice. The most when I look unhappy marriage make me more afraid to marriage. But now, I am ready but Do I will find someone who want serious relationship and make commitment till I am death? Ah forget about the marriage topic. When I am ready, God will show me the way.

Let's talking the happiness things in my family member. I am not perfect woman, I can say "R" perfectly and this is become one of teaser in my family, they always tease me to say the perfect R. Gggrrr but that is making me be "popular" hahahaha. Grandfather always said to me, That is ok can't say R perfect but that will make me can speak english very well. I guess what my grandfather said is true. See, I can speak english little bit, although when in school. I don't like the english so badly. But now, I love to learn languages.  Because my body so thin long time ago, my family call me KURUS (thin). Because my weight is never get 35 kilograms until I graduate from college. But now I do have extra kilos 50 kilograms but he nickname never gone. They still love to call me Kurus.

My brother with his wife
This is the third member in Pandiangan's Family. In this picture, my brother with his wife. He already has beautiful kid. They live in Dabo, Lingga, Riau Island. Let's me tell little bit about his past. He is the most cute brother and he always so kind with me. I still remember when mum make rule, every her kids should help her to clean dishes. I always the slowly kid in family, because my mum said long time ago, I am the thin kid and always sick. But if I compare it is impossible hahaha. He always take my turn to clean dishes including sweep floor. I became "princess" in our small family hahaha. But now I take the consequence became don't know anything. The most I love my brother, he can cook chicken soy sauce my favorite food and that is so damn yummy. I can't cook like that till this time.

pretty baby is my first niece 

This baby is their daughter. This is the first niece from my own brother or Pandiangan's family. Is she cute? Ok my little princess, you should call me mama Nana cantik, (Pretty mama Nana) if not I won't give you wonderful dress hehehehe. Her face is like my brother. I wish you will be good daughter to them and be nice niece to your aunty. But in our traditional family from mama relative, we never call aunty with aunty but mama. So you should call me mama too. So, you have many mamas, but the most wonderful mama of course your own mama :)

My brother and his girl friend
Let's me introduce this man in this picture. This is my other brother. I don't like him so much hahahaha because he always tease me with call me Nana Moffatts. Ah my member family called me Nana when I was kid and that is name still exist but just for my family only but for you, you, you just call me citra. Nana Moffatts, because i was fan of The Moffatts band from Canada when i was senior high school. I think I still have some collection of them if my mum is not throw it away. To much my stuff in our small house. He had plan will marriage that girl, Icha when they already graduate from the college. Icha in this year and my brother next year. So before them, I should marriage first. I won't get two step from my little brothers hahahah will trouble for me. What is my best memories with this brother? mmmmm I don't remember at all. Because to many wonderful moment with my family and this one, the good brother too. I love you my china brother.

The naughty and work-hard brother

The last one our member family. He is the naughty brother, we always fight and he just afraid with my big sister. Poor me haahahaha, because he think the power sister just my big sister. Although this boy always make trouble in our family because the younger one. He also work-hard and always be good brother for me. I love you my naughty brother and I wish you will be success because you deserve to get better life if we compare with your childhood. You always sick and sick and your life never stop without medicine. Whatever you are, we are your sister-brother always protect you and love you.

That is my wonderful family from Pandiangan's family. The most wonderful man who believe I can be writer is

This is the man who believe my dream

My grandfather believe me, I can be writer although I am not rank in the class and many uncles tease me about my dreams. He always support me and say whatever my dreams it will be true like find husband from oversea, become writer. A journalist also "writer" right? I did it 6 years I guess. Thanks my grandfather to keep believing me as the way I am. Although you are not present in this world, but your good words always company me and make me strong. RIP (Rest in Peace) on 2011.

some cousin and mummies from Mama relative

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