Some friends and readers always ask who am I? The selfie a woman who love posting anything in her mind and take many pictures about herself. Actually I am just ordinary woman is like your sister, your female friends, or your lover. I am normal woman who sensitive, lovely, childish, selfish, ambition, never give up, always want to learn anything, never feel satisfied about knowledge, can't writing but want to be famous writing, dreamer.

Who Am I?

Let's me start to introduce me on here. Long time ago, in east Borneo (Kalimantan Timur) especially at Balikpapan part. A family were waiting a baby to born in this earth. That was me, yes I was born in Balikpapan on 1 July 19xx. I was the second child from Pandiangan family. My mum from Java and my papa from Sumatera. My mum has white skin and papa has brown skin so my skin actually is like my papa, poor me! I had exotic skin, brown. Lucky my sister had white skin from mama relative.

In Pandiangan's family that is contain : Papa, Mama, Big cute sister, me, three teaser brothers. We are the winner big family from mama relative. I grew up in Balikpapan near grand mother, grand father and my mummies (called aunt), cousins from mama relative. So I am not familiar with Batak language because my papa worked always far a way from house, so I just know Indonesia language and little bit Java. Because all mama relative family from Java and they are speak Java sometimes.

my wonderful family but I was not part in photo :(
Mama was the older daughter from her parents, and papa was the middle son from his family. Their relationship so unique. One day, mama and grandmother ( I always call mbah putri) tell me unromantic story. That is about papa. My mama was pretty with long hair and become idol in her village. Papa was one of mama fans. Mama was not interested with papa. But papa had good trick to be mama lover, he tired to know and close with mbah putri and mum's little sister. Short story, they were marriage. So I am here, because that story.

They named me long name, just make it short Citra Pandiangan. That is my name and call me Citra :) I am not smart in the school but day by day I become know anything and I still say to myself, my knowledge is still not enough. I want to be useful in this earth, but I can't be like Mark the founder Facebook or I phone or Google founder. But I love to used this facility for free hahahahaha. If I have a lot of money I want study about communication, accounting, drawing (even I know I don't have talents for drawing), psychologies. Why? because I want to learn the way to make communication to make my own business, I just know little bit communication but I want to know more and more so I can settle my own business, the way how to market my products, the way to catch big clients. Why I want to know about accounting, because without good fiance management, it will difficult to make budged about benefit or field. How to make money become bigger and bigger with good benefit with small capital. I just know it little bit that is why my own business can't grow because I still need learn both of them.

Why i want to learn drawing? Because I want to have social life to teach kids for free, to teach them how to draw to get extra money to the poor kids like street kids plus I want to make my own illustration for my own children story, so the children will love to read and it will make them understand good moral indeed in my own story without they should buy books, if they don't have money to buy. They also have spirit to make their own book too. The last one why I want to be psychologies because I want to give spirit to the people who depression about life, I want to hear their voice for free and give new spirit as motivator. I know that is just dream because I am also poor ahahahahahaha and one day although I am already old. I want to make my desire to be true. Making people happy, but before it become real, I should work-hard to make it real. See, I am the biggest dreamer woman, I can't say I am girl because I know I am not young anymore.

I can't be Joy Mayer, Norman Vincent the motivator book I love to read it. But I can be myself with my own ways. give people for this time my friends spirit to say to them don't give up, and life need fighting. I can't fighting with you but I will pray for you. Just tell me whatever you need a friend to shared your sadness life, I am here to listen you and try to give advice without judge people around you. Because every people has different opinion and side. Judge will make it worse, support sometimes make it get wrong, just listen and give good spirit words will make better.

The Biggest Dream

This time my biggest dream is marriage, I want to settle my life with someone who love and care me so badly, so I will do same for him too. After that, I want to make my own business like cafe and shop online, but this time I do have shop online but still not success and Do I give up? No I don't give up. It just need time and work hard. If God bless me. But the most is I want to work in international organization for HIV/AIDS, Education for small village to shared them what I know about little language in English, little bit skill about sewing. Because a few years ago, I did course the way to sewing clothes but I can't say I am expert to do that, but I know the basic and I love to shared it. If you want to know; I also know little bit crafting that is why I open my little shop online 50 percent I made by my hands for hair accessories. One day I will have my own design about dress, etc. That is why I need work-hard to collect the money to be my capital. But my salary just enough to survive in one month and don't have extra money to keep it for my future dream (my own shop or my own business). I won't death and work to the people with low salary. Indonesia pay bad salary for basic employee like me which just has little skill and little education.

But, Let's make it challenge, maybe God will give me the way to make it become true. Just don't ever give up. Let's making my small world better then the biggest opportunity will come one day. It is like every body will different and get better then worse if you still have spirit and hope plus work-hard and NEVER GIVE UP.

Dream is something will make you alive although it just dream and maybe will be come true or not but as long as you still have dream. You still keep alive and happy. That is what I feel. Sometimes need the time to make it become true, but hopeless will make it mess. So I never give up and lost my hope. If I lost my hope then I am trying to find way to make it back so here I am still survive in big city without job because I do resign in some company because the salary can't save money, just can be alive in a month. But I don't give up to find good job with good salary, one day I will be find it.

Want to know more about me in a few years ago click here

Future Dream and Hope

 1. Building new life with someone who love me
 2. Continue my study till get bachelor degree
 3. Making my own business and work in international organization
 4. Never stop to learn many things as making good cakes, ice cream, food to open cafe
 5. Keep writing until become famous writer and motivator to give seminar to the people
 6. I want have my own founder to help people if I can find good donor like Joy Mayer
 7. Having a cute baby and I want spoil it with love and good education about life and knowledge
 8. Being wonderful woman to my lovely future man
 9. Close to God
10. Whatever the number I make in list that is not important that is just number the most important when it can get check list. That is mean already done and become true.

This Year (2015) Dreams and Hope
  1. Someone propose me
  2. Find good job with good salary
  3. Finish book, Backpacker book and Kids story
  4. Learn Dutch Language
  5. Holiday to Europe
  6. Marriage :)

Little bit my bio

Name                   : Citra Pandiangan
Date of Bird         : July 1 1981
Education             : Academy foreign Language Yogyakarta
Status                   : Single
Address                : Rent small room in Jakarta  | Now back to Bintan Island        
Fiance                  : Minus but still can survive till find job
Present Shop         :  |
Work experience    : teacher, private teacher, administrative, journalist, temporary secretary, freelance.
Future Dream         : will be columnist in one of magazine; a shop; group to help kids who is not lucky
Desire                    : Find good job will always develop my skill and my knowledge whatever the position
Skill                       : know little bit English, type, Computer Officer Program, Internet, Organization,
                                 Book Keeper, Filling file, Petty cash.
Personality              : (Good Part) Never Give Up, Want to learn anything, Friendly, good work-team
                                 (Bad Part) In time, selfish to do work till done project, Listening people, Help people
 Motto                  :  Don't Give Up, Work Hard then Give the rest to God.

Citra in 2014
Citra in 2015 early year

New style hear in 2015

wish bring the new hope

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