Life is difficult for Princess Anne, she should move from palace to the village, because her father death and some family don't want she stay in palace. Because the reason, she is the killer and some people around her always death. So, they are afraid if it will be happened again. Like she did with his father. She is very sad but she is trying to follow the destiny; But she never live alone and all her stuff always mads help her.

She doesn't know what should do. She live in small house in uphill. She can see the sun up and down so easy everyday. Wonderful view nature she got but she still miss something. She is afraid to interaction with people because if people in around her will get disaster and death. That is why she can't do activity then just keep a way from the people.

Lonely in uphill house that is her feeling, then she decided she won't live again in this world. She try to kill herself with fall herself in rotten. But that is mind gone when she look the wonderful view and the red sun which want to hiding itself and the red light make around it amazing. Suddenly, she get fall down in rotten but she still survive. She just sleep for long way, she got dreams, in her own world, she found the happiness, many animal in around her and can speak and dance. This is wonderful time for her to keep her eyes long time. But voice make her should wake up, a voice of birds near her.

She realize she still in rotten and should wake up to find away to uphill. As long as her walking alone in judge, she meet a strange old man. The old man ask her to help him; Does a princess will help this old man?

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