Finally my journey will be end. Happy New Year my readers, the journey already end but I am still stuck a few days in Bali, Banyuwangi and Yogyakarta before backing in Jakarta. Then the memories will start to keep writing for the book. I wish I can writing all my experience and making it become a few books. But the most important the guiding book I do make it as the best I can.

Every start always having end. So yesterday is my ending journey. What do I love in my journey in 31 days. In Bali I most of time just for writing and I don't do much go to some place just in Kuta-Legian only. Why? Because none much transportation here, should making rent motor bike. I do want it but other side I am so damn afraid. So I decided in Bali I just wanna see the night life to make my other novels one day.

I do have some idea to make stories but it still keep secret. The most people come to Bali just for enjoy the beaches and some people for pleasure their taktak (prostitute). Yea, we can't blame everybody has many opinion about their holiday. But so crazy night life in Bali, it is sound like have two side coin and  am happy I do have some real experience to look the wild life at night not just on the movie. So I wish my other books will be like the real one.

the first time start the adventure

comfortable shoes

spend most time in train to train

pleasure body in saloon

drinking in the train

selfie in the train

tired feet in the train

first time riding horse

listening music and writing

my feet and my sandal

the cheaper hostel

am I dreaming

enjoying the beach

feet and sea water

my shadow and my step feet

my first step in lombok

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