Ah night life in Bali, making me thinking about my book. My first book about the simpul terujung. What is night life? Night life which people go out in the night or something else?

Drugs and free sex and now i almost look with my own eyes about the night life and not just my imagine about night life.

Yea i did ever go to club  few years ago when still in university but this different. In yogyakarta is not so wild like in bali. In bali i seem not in part of indonesia. To many tourismn from many country. Look like in small "las vegas" wild and wild.

I saw with my own eyes how is the real night life in bali. So i can understand some readers thinks it story part of my life. But that is just imagination and the real life more wild and danger.


What is innocent meaning? Something you don't know or something you know but you won't to do it. Someone or few people can be misunderstand about this. For me innocent is both of that part.

Sometimes they don't know or just know about small things and when they get in real life they can't do much because shock and confused. So different then what they imagination from small or little information about life.

It sound like me too in Bali. Bali is like a coint which have differrent side. Like you wear mask and mask so different. Ah life is so complicated to understand and i wish i can make some other novel and finish my journey book plus backpacker book in english version.

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