Many questions come to me from my friends and also some strangers I met in many places. Do you enjoy traveling alone? Of course I enjoy do many travel alone. Because I can see anything and find new things and also can keep talking to other friends and become new friends.

Doing traveling in rain season, in Indonesia rain season is around November till January. That is really make my body get trouble. Sound like nature rape me. Maybe some so confused why I said like that. I will tell you later of course. Traveling alone and keep trying to find new things and also information for my backpacker guiding book to the Europe/American (whatever) when the book will be publish is not so easy but I love do that.

I love my adventure so far and I enjoy to explore Indonesia, especially Java (in part of Bandung, Yogyakarta, Probolinggo, Jember, Malang, Surabaya and Banyuwangi), Lombok and Bali. if you ask what is part I like it, or the most I love it. Please, I can't say anything because every part have "different magic" and making you fall in love with them.

Don't be afraid to travel alone. Nothing danger do that!!! Yes, sometimes it is difficult but it worth it when you can control your destination and when you want back or want to stay long time without argue with your friends.

Open the window and look the different things and making you find yourself more friendly and also make you feel so freedom and independent. But don't forget to keep in touch with your family and tell them where your position now and when you will know you will not find the location without cover network, tell them, at least they know where your last position.

Is danger to travel alone because you are woman? Sometimes You can believe your feeling but better don't travel in the midnight time if by bus, why? I will tell you later? I met a woman from Franc and she did travel 5 months around Asian, so wonderful right and She really make me jealous. Really, the backpack so heavy around 20 kilos I guess. She is caring it anytime, if me? I can't do that. I know my condition of my body so that is why I bring some easy and small suitcase so I can carry and also push. Simple right.

Do whatever do you like to do, find your dream and desire and passion. Don't worry and don't think about negative first. Life is so short to think the bad things first, but the bad thing also should be warning also when you feel something danger just follow you heart and feeling..

Do I find some interested story from the people, yes I am, some for my experience only but maybe some I will shared to you. Today I can't go anything because I got diarrhea since come to Surabaya. that is so damn suck, making me should go to toilet but yesterday I order chicken corn soup in A cafe at House of Soemporna that was making my stomach better. Maybe for the next future days I should beware to eat something so I will not get any problems again.

Happy life and Happy day....

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