Time so fast, I don't realize I already one year in Jakarta. I remember the memories when I want to move in Jakarta. I always fight with mum. She didn't allow me to work here. I won't me stay in Jakarta. It was October 2013 ago. She said Jakarta is more cruel then step mother. You will feel uncomfortable if you work there, just keep here and improve your skill to sewing clothes.

But It is not me if I give up to rise what I really want it in my life. Argument with mum and finally I don't know why mum change is mind and allow me to come to Jakarta. I booked ticket as soon as possible because I am afraid if mum will change her mind again. Because mum can change it soon, so short story. I flight in early morning to Jakarta with two suitcase, one big suitcase content with my clothes and one is my stuff for craft, because in my mind I also want to keep my own dream to have my success shopping online on dwirafashion.

The first time I walked out from the flight I feel so different, like I look the new light and sky. So different, (too drama queen lol), this is my challenge and opportunity to find the new adventure and also the new life. My life is begin now. That is my thinking and also exciting to get new interview for the 2 days next after I come in Jakarta.

I met my roommate (now become ex because she moved to Timor Laste) She already waiting me in the arrival door. I am walking with the exciting feeling and I don't believe it. I am in Jakarta NOW. Finally when I yell inside of my heart in Tanjungpinang "JAKARTA, I AM COMING SOON." Now I am here and still in here when I am writing about this words.

Yea, Jakarta is hard and I already know there but I am still keep fighting here and I am still survive in Jakarta. I do many hire in some company, I also got rejected to some company because the salary and also the location so far. Jakarta is so damn big, biggest then Balikpapan, Tanjungpinang and also Batam. Don't compare it with Bali, of course more different.

In Jakarta, I can't relax!! I can't see the blue sky in the clear and blue ocean. I can't hang out with some of real friends here because the distance so far. We should make appointment first to range our schedule and also male first here become cheat and also said rude words. But I am so happy when some of my old friends said I don't change to much, still sexy and cute hahahaha and also still have attractive shape body (poor me they just notice my breath) plus of course my face is not much change :) That is better then just notice one part of my body lol.

Everybody in the world I believe have many different destiny. I will tell about this later, why I can say that :) This is my destiny I choose and I should keep survive here whatever the destiny it brings to me easy or difficult that is consequence I should take it with pleasure in my heart and mind.

Life is never easy since you were born. But life is something blessing because you got change to enjoy it the happiness and sadness are one package about learning the meaning of life. Citra, what is your next plan? This year will be finish soon and become new year. Any plan or dream I should keep it for the next journal in my life?

We will see about it, don't worry this diary already company me anytime I want to shared it. So you will know about me not because I am artist or I am writer but just because I am Citra Pandiangan and this is my journal life, what is your?

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