After my desire already explore in Dublin, my next destination is german. Why? My sister said Male German is romantic and kindly with woman. But That is not my point to go there to find my charming prince. But I want explore the chocolate.

I ever get information from my pen pal friend from german. This country really have many taste of chocolate. I can’t refuse chocolate. This is one of my favorite desserts. Ah, I can smell the delicious chocolate and I also want to eat every flavor they offer to me.

I can lick my fingers when get melt chocolate, mmmmm damn so yummy. Can you imagine how it is so sweet, they melt so easy in your mount, you won’t let every second not precious. You want every second you bite it, the chocolate you can feel it inside your tongue, melt in your mount and you can feel inside your heart what is wonderful moment in your life. Like your first kissing :0 You never forget it  the experience.

That is so amazing, like I also become melt in the chocolate country with many flavor with the sweet and unique taste. Every moment is so damn precious. I can feel chocolate leave tract in my lips. I can remove it easy just lick my lips to make it gone and still make me feel wonderful.

Yes, I am maniac in chocolate, I can’t deny it. Chocolate, If I have opportunity, I really want to taste many chocolate in the world. As long as I remember, I just ever eat chocolate from Malaysia, Singapore, Netherland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium. If my readers who love me and wanna give me chocolate just contact me, will pleasure to give the address lol  :p cheecky Citra.

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