My next destination is Irish, Dublin, still unique country. Village country or unique building. I know this lovely destination still from movie. Still one of my favorite romantic movie about Leap Year. That is one of traditional fairy tale of Irish, where in the Leap Year, woman can propose man who she loves. This movie telling about the struggle woman to propose her boyfriend but in her traveling to propose her lover, she find the true lover. So sweet right.

The background the movie has a wonderful view, this view make me fall in love to visit this country one day. Although this country so damn expensive and also is not easy to find public transportation, that is also get in the story.

I still remember the sea, rock, the castle. That is still hot in my mind. Walking there alone and then I can find imagination to write some romantic story because this time I got block writing (Don’t know what should I make story). But in this blog making me keep writing just will not make my brain death and also practice my type will keep good and correct in the right place.

I can hear the sound of birds and the wind because this street so quite and none body pass it. I can walk there and look around without worry something bad happened, find my imagination who gone suddenly. I will find the local people there and stay there for a few days before try to explore other part there.

That is really amazing  Ah that is dream and I still can smile thinking about this part. I always jealous with people who rich and can explore the world so easy. They are so damn lucky but I will lucky too one day 

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