Rome, I never think I will like to visit Rome. Not because to many histories there. But because one of my favorite movie, “When in Rome” Many time I watch this movie and many time my mind fly to this part. It is Amazing and different angle in my mind in Rome.

In the movie it is story about woman who coming to Rome to attend her sister wedding and she doesn’t believe in love. She is also stolen the coins from the “magic” pool. Then the story is begin there. But when I visit here (Rome, read).

I want to discovery unique building, walk in every part and become narcissism, take many pictures in every part I think that is nice and unique parts. Then will visit the magic pool and throw the coin to find me my charming prince after I sent the sadness stories on Juliet Wall, this time to find my charming prince. I know that is just fairy tale but I am also love to pretended that is alive and like the new adventure in my life 

After visit Rome, what will my next destination? Still wanna know about it? Just read another part if you still curious wanna know.

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