I always have dream to travel in the world, especially Europe. I also already have many imagine to make book about it too, when I really can step my feet there. I won’t tell myself backpacker but suitcase travel hehehe, sweet right  I won’t same like people coz I just wanna make my trend setter by myself hohoho.

Because watching channel about some fairy tale about some country, making me remind again something what I wanna to do when visit it. The first if I can visit the Juliet Wall, I want to put my broken heart letter. That is will content like this, because it just dream and if it will be real. I will put the letter like in below sentence.

Dear, I never fall in love, my heart already frozen when I realize I just get hurt with some people I never expected to do that. So, I close my heart and I never allow anybody can open the door who already frozen and the key already broken, so it is not useful. But I am wrong, I don’t know when, I feel something melt inside my heart but that also making my tears come like rains. The rains never stop in my cheeks.

Because of that, I put this letter to this wall to make my broken heart stop. It is really hurt and pain. I don’t like feel it and I also can’t deny it. My night become so blue, my day become so uncomfortable. Can you imagine? How is life like that!

Yes, that is suck. More harder I am trying forget him, his imagine more stronger come in my mind. When I close my eyes, I just see his smile although when I open my eyes. I think I should go to doctor because my eyes become trouble.

Broken heart is not nice feeling and I don’t like it so much. I just wanna it gone forever so I can continue my life  I wont become Juliet, kill herself to be peace because of love. I just wanna find my prince who love me as the way I am without phrase broken heart, can I?

What is my other destination when I have a lot of money to visit? Wanna know? Just keep reading the part 2.

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