Dear diary, yesterday was my worse day ever. I can't go to church because I got heavy flue and almost fever. I don't have energy to wake up event to get food. That was so worse day on saturday. I was really bad because I also can't go to Bintaro to meet Ms Sally, I did promise to meeting her on Saturday, but what can I do. That was in out my control. 

Nobody want to feel sick, either I am. But the hot weather and to much fasting for a day 24 hours in a week I did 3 times every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, making me less drink and food to my body. Although I can't do much, but at least I am not feeling so lonely, I find some new friends, one of them so nice.
Since a week ago, I really want to learn dutch. I just don't know idea why I want to learn that language, just like it. A few days also when back from the long journey office to home. I was hunting the book "how to learn dutch" but I don't find it. just dictionary without how to spell it, so it was not important for me to buy it.

But I really want the dictionary to help me learn by myself that language, otherwise I don't have much time to attend course, plus also the price so expensive and will un useful if I attend without practice that language. 

This time I just need learn it everyday an hour to look the vocabulary plus the way to spell it. I wish the end of this year I can speak little dutch. That is my target this year and also will help sister about the new business the travel agent. Find something is not easy to do it, but Keep spirit, Keep health and Keep pray I can do it.

Dear diary, I want to remove the blue feeling in my mind, I should not feel so blue more than a week just for my research about the feeling sad make all day worse, that was true. So, will make the article that and try to sent to magazine. My new target become one of contributor in english version magazine and I do find some guide rule about become contributor and just should spend time to do that.

Citra you can do it because if just do nothing how you become famous writer hahahaha, no that is just dream, writing for me like air i can't do it without writing anything.

Cheers weekend

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