The weather so hot so I decided to spend some donuts in Dunkin donuts and order two time orange juice and making my flue get worse but at least I am not so damn feel hot in my small room in Matraman. I don't know why I become sick and also I can't do some work, I can't make clear thinking to writing on the test of newsletter.

I dont have desire to write it, my mind and body so weakness. I hope tomorrow I am getting better. Life is never easy and I am broken hurt because some of my friends never connecting me again. Why? I am worry about My long noise friend, his mum get cancer and already operation but now is getting better and better, but he never contact me again. He absolutely forget about me. The most is my best friend, Toni. After his mum death, he is disappear and I never know his news again, the whatsapp is not active anymore, the phone number I call never pick it up.

I am worry about him, lost parent, especially mum is heavy life. I wish he is better and he will continue his life. Toni, where ever you are when you already get up and rise your dream, that is making me feel happy.

Today I want to move on from my pass, I want to rise my dream either, to be good employee in one of contractor company in west Jakarta, spend time to craft and make my business grow and grow anymore, writing contest and also become contributor with my idea writing, find some figure to make it become true.

My future is now just become single woman and success. No more broken heart and feel blue anymore. Event I know you are fall in love with me, but distance make us feel suck. Our busy life make us less communication. My focus now, how to speak dutch and improve my english. Next year continue my study and also holiday in Malaysia with Matt again.

Get much money to make my own business one day, so I need work hard to make it become true. So this time the selfish pictures look worse because I am not well, so this is the way I am. Because I am human with good feeling and good life.

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