Holiday is not perfect if not enjoying the food. So this time I want to share about culinary in Ubud so nice... Ubud, Bali, Indonesia of course have many food to get there. What is your favorite food? Western food, Italian Food, India Food, Indonesian Food or also traditional Bali food? You can get it in Ubud.

Ubud also have many style of pizza. Almost some part in Ubud, Bali Indonesia they offer the pizza. Do you like to eat healthy food and drink, one of restaurant in Ubud, Bali also serve for that. The price is medium price, all fresh and healthy. Wanna know what is that? Juice Ja Cafe, The location is in Monkey Forest Street.

This cafe also recommendation from one of book Lonely Planet. The menu there so healthy and also yummy. The price, medium up price. One of original fresh juice around 25.000 IDR or 2.50 USD if you want mix juice, the price just add other fruit around 2000 IDR (0.20 USD).

For example avocado, mango and watermelon the price become 32.000 IDR (3.20 USD). About food, the price around 30.000 IDR and so fresh and healthy. Because this cafe is organic menu, all menu is free from beef, chicken and anything animal. just organic and fresh and healthy food and drink.

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