What else ya, I was doing in Bali when holiday there? I did give information some free activities in Ubud and now will in part 4. Should I tell you, what else you can do in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for free and enjoy your holiday when you don't have much money to explore every part in Bali.

Don't worry I am still have something you will more like it, then other part 1 till 3. Because this is one of my favorite doing explore the wonderful nature Indonesia. Want to know what is the best part in this time. Of course all my readers and also my special friends already waiting this time with feeling so exciting

Do you like to traveling or walking? O.k this part four would make you love to do that. Because the two point here about to walking and walking. The best part and also need extra energy of course but that is worth it. 

7. Stroll through award-winning gardens at Tjampuhan Hotel

I know about this hotel from book "Lonely planet"  in that book said this place is nice place to walk and look around the view. Of course I really wanna see the view from this place. But when we already there, I already afraid if we can't look around the garden of Tjampuan Hotel because I am not one of their guess. So absolutely it is not true. The one of staff Tjampuan Hotel allow me to look around the "famous" garden, lol. If not, it will not be recommendation from the writer book about Bali and Lombok.

Tjampuhan Hotel is situated on the near-vertical slope of Wos River gorge. Somehow they’ve managed to sculpt a hotel, terraced landscaped gardens, swimming pools, a spa, and various pavilions into the side of the ravine.

Tjampuhan Hotel garden walkways

As soon as you step from the street over the hotel’s threshold, you instantly are transported into a different world. You leave behind noisy traffic into serenity, calm, gorgeous Balinese architecture, and nature.

Hotel staff don’t mind visitors wandering through their award-winning gardens, along winding stone paths, up and down steep steps, and past private rooms clutching the sides of the ravine.

You’ll easily get lost on the many tiers and walkways, but you’ll eventually find your way back up to the lobby. You can walk all the way down to Wos River, if you’d like.

Ps. This location is west from Ubud Raya Road, just follow the street then you can see the recommendation restaurant "Bridges" from some book travel about Bali. The location this hotel in the right side. Just see the sign. Have fun there

8. Walking or Hike Campuan Hill Ridge

This is my favorite part, walking or hike in Campuan Hill Ridge. It really great but better to do this in morning time, more early time so it will be not so hot. So, you can enjoy every moment to see wonderful green in every where.  

Actually that is have tree option, but for the two options I don't remember the way and the destination to go to some part. The first to get that place, the walk starts at Ubud’s large bridge spanning the deep Wos River gorge, on the east river bank.

The trail soon climbs up onto grassy ‘Bukit Campuan’ (Champuan Hill) and offers stunning views of the ridge lines running parallel to the hill. You’ll also see tropical forests, charming houses and villas perched on the steep embankments of the gorges. The trail undulates along the open ridge line for about 2 km before leading to a wide, broken up road.

Next the road passes through an area of small villas, guest houses, private homes, and small art galleries before emerging into stunning terraced rice fields. The road continues on until meeting a main country road.

From there, hikers can make a loop by turning left and following the main road back down into Ubud or else backtracking along Bukit Campuan. Backtracking is the quietest, most scenic route. You can find this trail on current maps of Ubud and described in some guidebooks.

Note: This is 8 kilometers so if you wanna do this route, you should fit and health of course. Remember used sunblock, magic lotion to make you free from mosquitoes. PLUS big bottle of water. Then enjoy the hiking.

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