Wonderful time for holiday if you can get fun without spend to much money and enjoy everything there. I do and I also enjoy every moment to look nature and always feel amazing plus healthy because always walk and walk, so nice and amazing so my body still keep fit and not extra kilos after holiday. After enjoy culinary can you imagine if you eat to much in holiday then when you get home, you will so shock because your weight extra kilos then what you expected.

5. Enjoy a Yoga Lesson

 Everyone know Yoga is expensive but don't worry in Ubud Bali also have one of free Yoga lesson. Can you imagine, when I find this information when look a street, the brochures many there and one brochure make me interesting. What else a Yoga Lesson, as long as I am looking information about holiday in Bali, some articles put a Yoga Lesson in Ubud Bali have to be one of our list on holiday and some hotel in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia serve for Yoga Lesson.

Why should try a Yoga Lesson in Ubud? Mmm maybe because of the Movie "Eat, Pray, Love" (The correct the title after searching on Internet lol). Of course not, Ubud is the spiritual capital of Bali and is the ideal place for yoga. The people at The Yoga Barn will help you to get your lotus position just right.

Free Yoga is not everyday just every Tuesday and Thursday around 08.00-09.30 AM. The location I found for free Yoga in Yin Yang Yoga at New Sopa Garden, Jalan Nyuh Kuning Number 2, Ubud, Bali. Honestly you will not disappointed when you get there. The teacher is from German and so cute, plus the voice so calm and nice. Really good teacher for Yoga.

Note: this is really free but the place should pay, after Yoga class there is having box and you can give small money in Indonesian currency. Whatever money you put there no nominal for that money you wanna give it.

6. Watch the herons at Petulu return home
This information I just get almost end my holiday in Ubud, Bali. I really wanna go there and look the amazing herons back to their home. But, because my body and feet already sore after walking and walking. This moment will still in my first list when I back to Ubud Bali again.

That is free, to watch the Herons birds back to Petutu. But you should go there before 05.00 PM. So when in around 5 PM you already in the location to look herons back to their home. Because, Every afternoon at around 5 pm you can watch thousands of herons arrive at their home in Petulu after day in the rice fields. It is an impressive sight to watch the herons landing in the trees getting ready for the night. The village of Petulu is located about 2.5 km north of Ubud.

 But beware don't stand under trees because maybe you will get some souvenir you don't like it hehehe, pup of the herons birds.Plus good advice when ant to see this better rent motor bike because after look the amazing thousands it will be dark. If you walk in the dark of course very difficult. This just advice from Citra Pandiangan who cancel in the last minute to visit there so I am not looking the amazing thousands of birds fly to return in their home. gggrrrrr, bad time for me not enjoy it. Because I am not go there so I dont have the picture but you still can see the pic here

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