I am lucky to find some people who still have good heart to help people with they own style. I really jealous with the people like that. I wish one day, as soon as possible I also can help people who really need help. Till that become true. I just can help some people with my way.

I bought some food for the old people who sell them food in the street. Sometimes I used becak bike in Kota to the office I work. Even I don't need to do it. Because I can walk and it not so far just need around 10 minutes to go to office by walk after using busway or train.

People who love good heart is awesome. I am so proud when read the articles about that. Because I don't have any skill to shared or help people. I don't have good talent or good idea to make people dreams come true. But this people, one this man really awesome. I am lucky to read and look that website. Many dreams people who happy with that idea.

This is one awesome man who get my attention and I would love to share how is luck him has good talents to make people happy. Keep make people happy with your arts.

I live in a little village outside of Guelph, Ontario, Canada...with my partner Clint, our 4 insane Boston Terriers, and am co-owner and photographer at Renaissance Studios Photography. The Drawing Hope Project was an idea that turned into something ridiculously magical that has changed many lives - including my own.

I studied drawing and painting for a while at OCAD in Toronto, followed by Graphic Design at Fanshawe in London, Ontario.  It was never on my radar to be a photographer, a philanthropist, or the father to 4 crazy Boston Terriers.

And that's just how life goes.
The Drawing Hope Project has brought me so much already; new friends, a growing family of incredibly strong people, and the awareness that life is so very, very fragile.  I have learned that being an organ donor is the simplest and most valuable thing you can EVER do (and you can do)

You can see him drawing on here!!!!!!!!! This one the awesome pic I shared to my blog. To make remind me in outside still many people who is not lucky to have life, sick, but some people who really care with other people who remind me to keep do like that with my own style.

I wish one day, I can help people too. That is my big dream I want to do. I really want to do like what people have time to help people. God, if I know what is my talent to help people. I really want to do like that. I have dream to make children book and the benefit I want to used to help some kids who need help people inland village. 

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