This words make me suprise when I'm looking my profile pictyre on blackberry. The words sound like so true.

Ah, as I remind my parents went to visit daddy's families in Medan and also mum attented meeting seminar in Medan for couple days because of our church ask mum to attent there.

Then in here I am. House and change "mum jobs" being "housewife". The first I think I can't handle it. Because I can't cook in the kitchen. I just can make soup.

Okey, I got trouble trape in house. I have enemy (chicken) when I am frying them, the oil blow up everywhere and hurt my hand even fingers.

Ah all I do, clean house, care flowers (mum's favorite), wash dishes, cook, laundry and I also no have idea for making books anymore.

I guess more two months I'm not writing. It sound I'm stuck in "my comfortable" zone.

I wanna write manythings here but I'm on mobile but soon I will write what I want to write about my feeling
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