Morning time, just wake up from the beauty sleeping and hearing song life is beautiful from sountract the movie street dance. I love to hear the lyricks. A few days I was not update my blog because I was so tired and many stuff to do.

The important is i am still injure my fingers when i was sewing hahaha, so bad. Redly always remind me to careful with the pins but i did even care ful, i still keep injure my fingers without i realise it. Ah, last night my friend (my ex pathner when i was journalist) visit my house and ask me to company him to looking machine atm. Ah, so I company him because he was new in Tanjungpinang, his duty in Tanjunguban.

Then he told me, he already marriage and forget to invite me, so bad, hiks hiks. He is like my brother, he called me sister. we are close when he was joint in the same company in Batam as daily newspaper. Congratulation Memet, fat my friend hahaha. I wish you will be happiness in your new life.

How about me? Many people and friends ask the same question. maybe one day is my time, but not so fast hahaha. Today  I want to make yellow dress. Keep spirit on Tuesday and smile in morning time

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