Happy Women Day

Ah, today is women day..... so, women are you happy and proud to be women? Of course you should. Because women are the best then men lol. ups men dont be sad ok. Why i said like that, man can't pregnent and man also dont have good feel for kids hahahahahaha ups, male readers will "kill" me when meet me hahahahahaha

I am kidding but women are the best then ever. Because, women are special!!!!! Don't believe me? ask your mother and thinking about what she had done with you until you success. When you kids until you grow up, all about women behind and beside you? See, I am not lie... I wish one day, I can be the one like that!!

But today, I am still single and still no have kids. So, Am I still "half" women? Of course,...... no hahahaha I have many kids here, kids neigbore and always call me "aunty Citra or aunty Nana with the cute face. So, I am proud to be woman even I am single woman in this year, so bad hahahahahahaha

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