AH, maybe some people busy to prepare the celebrate easter. Happy Easter to every body who is celebrate, specially Redly and the cute kids. Happy Easter for you all, the readers and my friends too....
Talking about the easter season remind me with my kids past time

I wanna shared it and I also miss my grandmother, but she was died in 1998 years ago, when i was kid. the celebrate of happy easter is our grandmother will hiding the egges which already painting and we were coloring it and early morning, our aunty and grandma will hiding it and all the grandchildren will be search it.

It was so fun and I love to do it when i have my small family one day and will invite the neigbore too so will be so more fun. Have a nice easter memories my friends, readers. God bless us.

guess which one me? hahahah I bet can't answer

This picture when i was kid, so cute and so small right..... I was so slim since kid and my body never more than 35 kilogram hahahaha... but now 49 kilograms so fat yea?

still fat yea?
I miss my past but the past cant get back. So, I just concentrate to my future even  I don't know which my future. I am still no have imagination for that

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