"You are not exist," answer the lady, "This is my dream."

The voice male is lauging and making the lady a little scare. "Who's said I'm not exist."


"Are you sure this your dream."

"Yes, 100 percent I'm sure! And now go a way from my dream!"

Then the voice is change to be scary voice. "I will prove you, isn't your dream."

After the male voice said like that, the place which the lady stand up there and everything is moving and the lady just see nothing. The dark! She can't see anything.

"Where am I," ask the lady.

"In somewhere you must belong."

"This is just nightmare, I must sleep then everything will be normal." The lady is trying to sleep, but the darkness can't make her sleep. Her body so stiff because she's scary and can't imagine this real or just nightmare.

"This is not my place, can you help me!" Said the lady with the weak voice.

"Where's your place?"

"I want back to my room! Can you help me, please! I beg you so much. I can't see anything even my hand or my fingers."

"Eh-eh and now you are realise, that's place isn't belong to you."

"Yes, I'm sorry and please help me!"

"Okay I will help you! But just one way to make you out from the darkness."

"What's that?"

"You must kiss me!"

"I don't see you and how I can kiss you, please don't make joke. That's not funny."

After she said like that, she can feel her lips was in touching, but who's kissing her? Before she realise. She is a wake from the dream.

"What hell that's dream," asked lady to herself. But she realise, her lips is getting redly, look like someone kiss her.

"Its just my feel, it couldn't be happened. I will not allow someone to kiss me," said her and she looks the watch 4 am. She must back to sleep!

"How's the feeling the kissing," asked the answer.

"Crap, why I can hear that voice again!" She pretended she's not hear the voice.

"Don't acting like the idiot lady. Just tell me!"

"You are crazy, go a way from me and let me alone."

"Yea, like the people leave you alone, you don't have someone who love you!"

"No, it isn't true! Just go a way!"

"You don't believe me! I will show you! One day and now I will let you enjoy with nothing dream!"

*to be continue again....


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