Long time I never write story for special my blog lol. So, I will try again to write story just for my blog :)

Once upon a time, in real world, a young lady must go to sleep, because time is already 2 am. But her eyes can't close. Even close but her mind is fly every where. Then she's falling sleep.

Between dream or real, she's in another island. That's wonderful island, she ever look. The river look like miror, you can see many fishes with many kind of fishes and the colour so amazing. The girl fall in love with the place. The wind is so peace and fresh, no polution. Is look like a dream island and never exist in real world.

She is shock when she hear the voice from her behind.

"What hell are you doing in here," the male voice asked her.

She turn around and look, none of male there. She's feeling so scary.

The voice is back asking her, what's she doing there.

"Who are you?" Asked her finally.

"I'm the owner this place. What are you doing in my property!"

"Where I am?"

"Don't be silly! I ask you and you must answer."

* like before to be continue
Smile Always®

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