The Shadow of Life
None of every one who want to keep secret of the shadow of life. But, if you can't share it just be your secret for yourself until you died. Everybody has secret and can't tell to anybody.
What is your dream when you was teen, have wonderful education and also lovely boy friend for young lady and for men, lovely girl friend. How if one accident make you feel like the ice queen. Because of the dark of the past can't go away from your life.
"Do you ever go to the club?" asked Tony, one day to Viona.
"Yes, I guess when I work in one of golf in my home town, why?"
"Do you want go again to the club after watching my band. My band will show this Saturday night!"
"Yes, why not! Would be great, I guess."
"Ok. See you at night, I will pick you up at 8 pm."

8 o'clock at Saturday Night

The red tiger was parked in near Viona's boarding house. Without waste the time, Viona went to the Tony show. That place is so far from Viona's boarding house and Viona boarding house have rule, every Saturday the fence close at 10.30 pm and every day close at 09.00 pm.
This is the first time Viona go out to the club and watch the college bands show, honestly, she doesn't like watch the show in alive, she is enjoying just watch in the television. But she want to change or get experience. So, many participation of the bands for show. So her friend band get the number of 30, so the time is already 10.00 pm, when her friend band play.
" I am sorry, you are waiting too long. Because we get number in the middle and see still many audience still watching," Tony said, "Ah, this is my cousin, Brian."
"Hi, Viona."
"Brian, how do you like our music so metal right."
"Yea so metal and eccentric," Viona answer, "I mean cool."
Then they laugh and talking and hearing the other band play their music.
"Hey, already night," Tony remain them.
"Ouh damn, my boarding house gate already closed. I can't go home now," said Viona confused.
"But you said you want go to the club and the club is open at 10.00 pm and now is already 10.30 pm. Do you want to go there or cancel ?" asked Tony and Brian just shake his shoulder.
"Yea, I can't back to home and yea why not."
Then they are going to one of the club there. Because this is Saturday and in that club has even. The strange even which Viona never look, strippers, even the dancers of strippers are not nude (like in oversea) but the style is so vulgar and erotic.
"That is why the ticket is so expensive this night," Brian told.
"Yea, have event like this. Are you okay Viona?" asked Tony when look Viona face so scary.
"Yes, I am okay."
"If you are not feeling comfortable, don't look the dancers," suggest Tony.
"That is okay, no problem," Viona make sure Tony who is worry about her.
After in the club for more two hours with full of smokers, cigarette smoke and make the eyes so redly and make breathing discomfort. The music to load because they sit near sound system.
"Can we dance," Tony offer to Viona.
"I can't dance," Viona rejected.
"That is okay, I can teach you. Just move your feet and you look like dance. Com' on."
At least after the seductive, Viona go to the dance floor which that many people dancer with the sexy style because they look like competition with the strippers. Viona also dance with Tony and after 10 minutes in dance floor. Tony started pressed his body closer to Viona, of course she felt so shock. When Tony's body so close and she can feel his vital and making her uncomfortable and try to stay away with the polite style, but he didn't allow Viona far from him.
"Just near me, Viona."
She just smiling and she can't say I am not comfortable. After pull overextend for 20 minutes in the dance floor. Brian is coming and told them to go home. So they are out from the club and searching food because already hungry.

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