Street Dance The wonderful movie I ever watched it. I did watched it 10 times and I am still not bored. Why I love this movie so much. Mmmmm about all dances movies I ever watched, this movies on my best list to watched it. Like ussually movie about dance, the movie is about the dancer of course. But all the street movie, about the music, the pronoundcation and also the convertation. Damn!!! I love it so much. Ok, this movie about Charly who shared her dream with her team and of course, for compotition who doesn't want to be the winner. When her team can got the final. Suddenly Jay (I don't know how to write that name lol) he was resign from the team. Jay is pionir on that team and also the leader too. Chary almost give up when they don't have place to practice the style of their dance. One day, she met Helena who always ordered delivery food in the place that Charly working in part time. Helena offer unique opportunity to Charly when she was watching Charly dance on the mall to collected the money with the team. Of course the team got trouble when the security catch them out and take the money who they already collect. Helena offer the name card and ask Charly to bring her team in the ballet college, if she still have her team. Because of that accident some of the team parents were not allow them to dance with Charly. So, Charly and a some of her friends go to the place and meet the ballet team of Helen. Of course they are not welcome, the dance street and the ballet how come to be good team. Many instrics and conflict in the begging the team when Hellena ask Charly to used the ballet team on her team. Until they found how to be together. Rise the dream is never eassy but find out the make it to be real. This point the movie. Charly is trying to rise her dream with her team. And of course like other dances movie, they are the winner. But not that point, how this different style will match and become wonderful dancing. Wow, the music, caliografy and also about friendship, need it, un need it and also fighting, give up and a hole of the way to out to be better. Yea, everybody has a dream and when get something trouble in the middle, sometimes a few of dreamer choose to give up. In this movie, the moral of this movie i love it. Even you feel you can fieled, you can't handle that because it is to much for your. But don't ever give up, try to find how that can be so messy and find the way to out from the wrong to be right. This is the point when Charly was introducing the street dance with the ballet team. This movie also teach me how to be good friend, when your friend fall down, don't leave your friend a lone, but give them time to think and correction what they got wrong. That is why i love it this movie so much and still want to watch it again.....

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